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General Admission

Get Online Access

Note: A museum ticket is required beyond this point. Tickets are available below to enter the online experience. (And gain same-day access to view or order product(s) online.)

To enter the online museum and gallery you must:

  1. add a phone number in CashAppVenmo, or PayPal notes with ticket purchase. (This is where you will receive your ticket details.)
  2. An order processing fee of up to $3.00 may be added to each ticket sale (total price is $10.00).

Customer Support

Note: If you paid for ticket(s) but did not add your contact number in payment notes (for ticket confirmation). DM us on Instagram: rmondresgallery for ticket support. (You must attach a payment screenshot with DM to claim tickets.)

How would you like to pay for your online museum ticket?

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