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Djaton Art


Born and raised in Chicago, D’jaton began drawing at an early age. His inspiration came from childhood favorites such as He-Man and Michael Jackson between the ages of 4-6 years old. D’jaton’s family supported and encouraged his artistic pursuits with art classes and community events. At the age of thirteen, he became an apprentice of acclaimed Chicago artist Melvin King, from whom he learned to hone his skills for two years. D’jaton stood out among the up and coming young artists in his hometown and carried his talent from high school into college, where he earned several scholarships to prestigious art programs. Being drawn to broader horizons and more unique experiences, D’jaton chose to continue down his own personal path and train himself as he studied his craft.

Siting his influences as including Caravaggio, Dali, and Rembrandt, D’jaton developed an artistic style that is very unique surrealism with dreamy layers of color and texture, as well as abstract backgrounds. During his fourteen-year residence in Springfield, IL, D’jaton was an active member of the arts community and became a tattoo artist. But there was more that life could teach him about beauty and expression, he made the decision expand his career by traveling and landed in Las Vegas.

D’jaton’s work is proudly displayed all over the United States, including at The Gallery of Music and Art in Caesar’s Palace. He continues to bring his dreams to reality and reach people through his art; keeping it vocal and provocative, captivating and beautiful, and paying it forward with love each day.


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