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Born in Chicago, Illinois, 1996
Founded R'Mondr'es Gallery in 2018
First begin painting at 24


Highlight Art Pieces:  

  • "Gianna 'Gigi' Bryant", 2021, Leather Acrylic, & Found Objects on 18 x 11 duffle
  • Orange "Fake Birkin", 2020-21, Leather Acrylic on 15 x 11.8
  • "Muses Fake Birkin", 2021, Leather Acrylic on 15 x 11.8
  • "R' Lives Matter", 2020, Serigraphy on Cotton

Painting style is categorised as Abstract

Range of Workpainting, sowing, embrodiery, metal-work, graffiti, touchpaints, soundpaintings, music, drawing, Sculpture, Installations



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